Redistribution Podcast

An online discussion series featuring researchers, workers, and artists exploring the political, social, and economic limits to equitable distribution and the pursuit of alternatives.

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REDISTRIBUTION is a collaboration with Lauren van Haaften-Schick and presented by EFA Project Space with support from an Engaged Opportunity Grant from the Office of Engagement Initiatives at Cornell University.

Discussion 1: What do we mean? What exactly are we redistributing? When is something redistributive?

Part 1: Amy Whitaker, “Redistribution is the repair work of democracy.”

Part 2: Catherine Green, “If these inequities continue, this country will fall.”

Discussion 2: What is at stake? Who gets, who gives, and who decides?

Part 1: Alex Strada, “A kind of step in a flawed system.”

Part 2: Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento, “The more regulation you want, that is precisely what art is not about.”

Discussion 3: How is the willingness to redistribute generated?

Part 1: Kate Bahn, “Beyond knowledge, we need persuasive narratives.”

Part 2: Damien Davis, “We’ve learned to build and share equity ourselves.”

Discussion 4: Redistribution at scale: When is something redistributed enough? Can we tell the difference?

Part 1: Amit Singh Bagga, “The right to be counted is the basis for our empowerment”

Discussion 5: Speculation as redistribution? Where and who do we take from when we financialize to redistribute?

Part 1: Raphaële Chappe, “It seems we’re going to keep borrowing from the future as long as we can.”

Part 2: Joan Kee, “Redistribution needs agreement.”